Overseas Expansion Series Report – Five Weeks in 2024二〇二四年五周海外开展系列报导


Overseas Expansion Series Report – Five Weeks in 2024

Vision for Global Expansion

“If within ten years, 500,000 brothers and sisters from Taiwan could go abroad to expand the Lord’s work, then Taiwan would need five million saints, with one out of every ten going out. Taiwanese people evangelizing the whole world, with Taiwanese brothers and sisters walking throughout the earth – what a vision, how beautiful! Africa, South America, Central America, North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, where will you go? We can pray to the Lord, ‘Lord, where should I go? Lord, where do You want me to go?’ May we all answer the Lord, ‘Lord, I am here, please send me.’ (A Life Full of Joy, Chapter 4, The Lord’s Recovery Work in the Present Age)”

Training and Deployment

In response to the Lord’s calling, trainees have been divided into eighteen teams and sent to Cambodia, India, Japan, Laos, Thailand, Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Greece, and Zimbabwe to spread the gospel of the kingdom. We will gradually release reports on the development of the expansion in each location. Please pray for them, that the Gentiles may become the children of the kingdom, so that His kingdom, the church, may be established on this earth, even today.

(Translated from Google Gemini)


若是十年之内,台湾能有五十万弟兄姊妹到海外开展,那就需要台湾有五百万圣徒,每十个人出去一个;台湾人福音化全世界,台湾的弟兄姊妹走遍天下,那是何等的远景,何等的美好。非洲、南美、中美、北美、东欧、西欧,你去那里?我们可以祷告主说,『主阿,我去那里?主阿,你要我去那里?』愿我们都答应主说,『主阿,我在这里,请差遣我。』(福乐的人生 第四篇 主今时代恢复的工作)