Lord’s Move to Asia Prayer Burdens (2020.8.16- 2020.8.22)

Prayer Burdens (2020.8.16- 2020.8.22)

Pray for the serving ones to have wisdom to cooperate with the Lord to have a breakthrough in the work by receiving the rich supply from the Body and learning to use modern technology to preach the gospel and promote the ministry books.

1. Pray for the openness of the hearts of the people so that the Lord can gain many sons of peace through the spreading of the gospel of the kingdom into all the states, cities and towns in India during the present pandemic.
2. Pray for the campus work in the coming semester, that through the functioning of the college students in contacting their gospel friends in various states, the burden of the gospel and shepherding may continue according to the present situation.

Pray for the saints to go out in twos and threes to take care of the newly saved ones and the dormant saints.

1. Pray for the saints to stand firm for the Lord, grow in life and gain more people.
2. Pray for the seeking ones to enter into the printed ministry and see the Lord’s recovery.