UK and Ireland Online Conference 2020


Welcome to the registration for the 2020 UK and Ireland Conference.

  • This year’s conference will take place online and will consist of four meetings from Friday 28 August to Lord’s day 30 August.
  • The price for the event is £6 per adult (VAT included). 
  • As you complete the registration, please register all the adults (18 years old and over) in your home who will be taking part in the conference. Each person will then receive the online details closer to the time of the event.
  • The registration deadline is Lord’s Day 23 August. 
  • The conference will be in English, and we will provide translation into Chinese. There may be additional languages available for translation, but please contact the responsible ones in your locality to inquire whether someone will be able to help with translation.
  • The schedule will be as follows:
Friday 28 August 7pm to 9pm Message 1
Saturday 29 August 10am to 12pm Message 2
Lord’s Day 30 August 9.30am to 10am Lord’s Table
10am to 12pm Message 3
2.30pm to 4.30pm Message 4

Contact information


Phone number: +44 1708 380 301