Knowing the Lord’s Recovery in China

Knowing the Lord’s Recovery in China

2020   Glorious Prospect ( from a province in China)


Closely Following  the Leading of the Ministry of the Age in One Accord

Continuing Steadfastly in Practicing the Lord’s Recovery in an Inclusive and  Balanced Way .

 Blending the Nucleus ,Perfecting Others to Be Lord’s Partner for Our Master’s Use.

Transfusing the Burden, Focusing on  Practice with One Trumpet and Labor According to the Blueprint

I.   General Burden  for the entire year: 

                    Closely Following  the Leading of the Ministry of the Age in One Accord

A. Truth–—Be constituted by the truth thru seven feasts,and studying the Bible;

B. Living—Live the God-man living by four kinds of prayer, and spiritual exercise in seven aspects

C. Practice—Faithfully practicing the church life thru four fundamentals and upholding two rings of coordination;

D. Balance—Propagate in an inclusive and balanced way thru five rings of services and caring for one another;

E. Perfecting—Perfect and produce nucleus thru continuing steadfastly in one accord, and forging for the future

II. The Burden on Practise:  

                          Continuing Steadfastly in Practicing the Lord’s Recovery in an Inclusive and Balanced Way

A. Meeting God in daily morning revival

B. Living out God, by daily overcoming

C. Overflowing God in Lord’s day prophesying

D. Testifying God thru gospel preaching

E. Serving God in prayer and fellowship

F. Supplying God by nurturing in the homes

G. Working for God in the weekday groups

H. Trusting in God in the monthly gospel outings

I. Glorifying God in coordinating service

J. Satisfying God by being perfected

III. Motto for Our Constitution :

                    Blending the Nucleus ,Perfecting Others to Be Lord’s Partner for Our Master’s Use.

A. God prioritizes what we are over what we do.  

       The genuine work is the outflowing of life,

       The service that counts, is always the living out of Christ. 

       Consecrating oneself to God, is not working for God, but letting God work in us , 

       All who do not allow God to work, cannot work for God.

B. The humanity of one who serves the Lord: 

       Divinity in humanity, living out the highest virtue, 

        extraordinary love; 

        boundless forgiveness;

        unparalled faithfulness, 

        absolute humility; 

        supreme holiness and righteousness

        brightness and uprightness

C. Gleanings in Numbers (seven be’s and seven don’t , and ten sets equipment)

1. Be aggressive in seven items :

a)Be a warrior

b)Be a priest

c)Be a wife

d)Be a Nazarite

e)Be Caleb

f)Be a prophet

g)Be a living star

2. Seven items to avoid:

a)Murmuring and coveting

b)Slandering the representative authority

c)Disbelieving God and bring ill report

d)Disobeying God’s word

e)Betraying God’s authority

f)Idolatry, adultery and fornication

g)Trust in self and not in God

3. Ten sets of equipment:

a)Being governed by the vision

b)Having life experience

c)Being trained to take the new way

d)Knowing how to enjoy the riches

e)    Having the prayer of the golden incense altar

f)Being formed into an army

g)Asking to have more revelation and experience

h)Living in the light of the Lord’s coming

i)Having a sense of glory in serving the Lord

j)Needing  to shepherd with visiting the saints

IV. Regular schedules

A. Weekly schedule

1. Lord’s Day—Lord’s table and prophesying

2. Monday——coordination of two rings of serving ones

3. Tuesday—service to follow up

4. Wednesday—small group meetings

5. Thursday—shepherding in the homes

6. Friday—gospel living

7. Saturday—weekend perfecting

B. Monthly schedule

1. January to February—prayer and gospel

2. March to May—perfecting in  specific services

3. June to August—perfecting and turning

4. September to October—love feasts and shepherding

5. November to December—perfecting and retrospect

V. Conclusion

A. Being perfected to be faithful in loving the Lord, set up high goals and make big plans to be more useful to the Lord;           

Using the five groups of figures  to decipher and interpret the situation of Lord’s recovery, 

        Using the ten items to solidify  the Lord’s recovery ; 

        Using the proper  attitude to consecrate yourself.

B. Be governed by the vision of God’s economy, 

       to maintain the nature of the Lord’s recovery; 

       to put to death  the natural life, 

       to experience Christ as life, 

       to supply Christ to all the churches; 

       to be trained to take the new way, 

       to continue to study and improve.

C. All would become a witness, all would practise vital groups.