【2020 GTCA City — Orlando, FL】

【2020 GTCA City — Orlando, FL】
The Church in Orlando
The church in Orlando began in 1987 with about 25 saints. Presently, about 100 saints are active in the church life (there are over 150 saints on the church phone list). Roughly 80% of the increase over the years has come from saints moving to Orlando because of jobs or other personal considerations. The remaining 20% of the growth has come from the Orlando community, both from gaining unbelievers through preaching the gospel and from gaining believers who are drawn by the truth and the practice of the church life.

The weekly meetings of the church include the Lord’s table, prophesying meetings, prayer meetings, small group meetings, ministry meetings, and college meetings. The saints currently meet in the following four areas:
1) Apopka, a small community northwest of Orlando, where the church-owned meeting hall is located
2) Kissimmee, a community south of Orlando where a large number of Spanish-speaking saints are meeting as a district
3) Oviedo/East Orlando, the area near the campus of the University of Central Florida (UCF)
4) Longwood/Maitland

There are prayer meetings, small group meetings, and ministry meetings in these four areas. The college meeting rotates between Longwood and the UCF area. Since Orlando is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, there are visiting saints in the Lord’s Day meetings nearly every week.

The Orlando meeting hall is in the suburb of Apopka. It was acquired in 1991 and has a seating capacity of about 100. It is approximately 45 minutes away from the UCF campus. The brothers in Orlando are actively looking for a meeting place in the UCF area.

The Kissimmee area has around 50 saints. There are many home meetings, and once a month the saints in Kissimmee meet together with all the saints in Orlando. We have seen a large increase of Spanish-speaking saints, including some who moved from Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. The current makeup of the church in Orlando
is 40% English-speaking, 40% bilingual Spanish/English, and 20% Asian.