【2020 GTCA City — Cincinnati, OH】

The church in Cincinnati
The church in Cincinnati had a glorious new beginning at the start of 2014. Since then, we have seen growth in the church year after year, and currently there are 54 active saints meeting in Cincinnati. The
source of our growth has come from migrating saints (44%), local fruit (38%), and recovered saints (18%). The racial makeup of the church is 55% White, 22% Asian, 8% Hispanic, 6% Black, and 8% other.

The leadership was established in March 2018 in fellowship with the area churches, area co-workers, and elder co-workers. Our primary burden has been to gain local people, and the focus of our corporate labor has been on the University of Cincinnati (UC). However, our fruit-bearing has been about 50% from this campus and 50% from the community, and the increase has been 70% typical American.

Of course, we welcome all saints of all backgrounds to the church in Cincinnati. However, because of our burden for the gaining of the typical local Americans (Caucasians and African Americans), we ask that
those considering moving here come with the purpose of heart to gain the typical Ohioan. We look to the Lord for some to come who are comfortable being all things to all men for the gaining of the typical local Americans, and for some that are willing to be trained to care for and gain the typical

Because of our history in laboring on the UC campus, we have about 35 students and four families of new ones that we are actively caring for. We also have four young ones that we gained off the campus
that are now working or seeking work in Cincinnati. Although we have some young families bearing the burden for the shepherding, our need is for more young families. Equally, there is the need for older
families to move here who can shepherd the shepherds. Having gained ones from the campus that are now working in Cincinnati also creates the need for more young single working ones in their 20s and 30s
to run the race with other young ones we are gaining.