【A Testimony from a Brother Affected by Coronavirus in Ghana】

I am Brother Sean, migrated to Ghana last year, and served at AMD and the gospel bookroom in Ghana. Starting in the middle of March, because of the pandemic, our original book distribution plan was limited. At the end of April, we started to propagate ministry books through Facebook. Because of the Lord’s work, there were many eager responses on Facebook, seekers from all backgrounds contacted us, seeking fellowship and ordering books. Because many ordered online, we decided that there would be a book delivery every week, and directly send to them in our region, those further away would be delivered by a passenger bus.

On May 15th, we went to a station of passenger bus to inquire the situation of the delivery fees. That was an extremely hot day, I kept sweating, and I wiped my eyes several times.

On May 18th, I start to feel unwell, it turns out my temperature is 38.3 Celsius. A fever at this time is nothing good. So, I immediately quarantined myself and notified all the brothers and sisters who were with me. They cared and tended me well, took me to test for malaria and typhoid fever, but the results were negative. On May 22nd, I was finally tested for the COVID-19.

While waiting for the test results, I found that I lost my sense of smell, I start to feel that it probably from being affected by the novel coronavirus. The saints from my hometown know that I was sick, prayed for me, and cared for my situation. I prayed to the Lord, although a bit worried, but still peaceful.

On May 24th, the results came back, confirming that it is COVID-19. Many brothers and sisters heard the news, they were all worried about us and petitioned for our whole family. My wife and my children all moved downstairs, and I cannot see them for the time being. I stayed inside my room, not allowed to walk around as I please.

My mother loves the Lord very much, she really cared about my situation, wondering if it is that she has offended the Lord and caused this. I prayed to the Lord, thru the intercession of the Body, the Lord saved me from this situation. The Lord reminded me through 1 Corinthians 1:9 God is faithful, through whom we were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Our environment had all been prepared by God, so that I can have more fellowship with Him, be one with Him. When I enjoy the Lord’s word more, the more I believe God’s faithfulness. I say to the Lord: Lord, I love You, because You first loved me, You are faithful, this environment is not for punishing me, but so that I would have more fellowship with You. From this moment on, I was filled with joy, the Lord’s presence saved me from my own point of view, to turn to Him, this living tree of life.

Being restricted in my own room, losing the outward freedom, but experiencing the Lord to be my true freedom. I understand a little, why Paul can be in prison, yet the most joyous Philippians can be written. He said because I know your petition and the full supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, will save me to the end. This salvation allows him to magnify Christ in life or death. I pray to the Lord saying: Lord, thank you, that I can magnify you even while in sickness in my room!

So when the brothers and sisters came to check on me, I would always have a joyful response. I say that this not being just the novel coronavirus, but a new crown, that I can meet the Lord while living.

Thank the Lord, after nearly a month, June 14th, my new tests came back, already negative. Throughout all this, I have truly experienced the full supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, that we might overcome our environment.

However, my companion Edmund and his wife have a positive diagnosis today. The wife has symptoms, and they have three children, the youngest is one year old. Brothers and sisters, please pray for their whole family.