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The portions of Deuteronomy which deal with the divine government are the word of God, not merely the word of Moses [Deuteronomy 16:18-20; 17:8-20; 19:15-21; 21:1-9, 18-23; 22:13-30; 24:1-4, 7, 16; 25:1-3, 5-16]. We need to study all these portions in order to know God’s mind and to know what He is thinking. God knows man and man’s need, condition, and situation. Therefore, whatever God speaks regarding man is the final word. The divine government among God’s people is neither autocracy nor democracy but theocracy. Theocracy is government by God according to what He is. In the church life today, we exercise neither autocracy, which is a kind of dictatorship, nor democracy, which is according to the opinion of the people. Instead, we honor God’s authority as our government, and thus the government in the church is a theocracy. (Life-study of Deuteronomy, p. 117)

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