2020 MDC has been held on 22-25 May 2020. It’s estimated about 100,000 saints from all 24 time zones attended this live MDC. At least 10,358 cities, more than 51,000 IP addresses joined this marvelous conference. In the Far East through one IP address at least 2,900 saints viewed these messages.

The general subject is: A Timely Words concerning the World Situation and the Lords Recovery

Key Statements for the 2020 Memorial Day International Blending Conference
We need to see the world situation as the indicator of God’s move on earth and the vision of world history from Christ’s ascension to the end of this age; we also need to work together with the Lord to spread the truths of the Lord’s recovery as a preparation for His coming back and to persevere in prayer, while discerning “the signs of the times.”

We need to see a spiritual vision of the throne of God as the center of God’s administration throughout the universe and realize that the sovereign God has the full capacity to carry out what He wants according to the desire of His heart and according to His eternal economy, as He is ruling over everyone and everything.

Today the way to become vitalized is to answer God’s call to be His overcomers, His dispensational instrument, to turn the age; an overcomer is a vital person, and a vital person (one who is living and active) is a praying person.

The marriage of the Lamb is the issue of the completion of God’s New Testament economy, which is to obtain for Christ a bride, the church, through His judicial redemption and by His organic salvation in His divine life; the Lord’s recovery is for the preparation of the bride, who is composed of all His overcomes.