【Enjoyment from Memorial Day Conference 2020】

Effectual prayers are out of faith. This faith is the linking faith not just the initial faith when we got saved. Linking faith is the faith of the believers who have no trust in themselves, rather trust is in God.

The more we are mingled with Christ, the more we pray persistently with God as our faith to execute His will. This kind of prayer has authority having full of faith, without doubt and being clear that what we do is fully according to God’s will.

The reason why we do not persevere in prayer because we have not yet fully build that strong and intimate relationship with God. We are easily shaken, anxious with our situation and then even to the point that we lose our little faith.

I hope saints that this faith increases in us day by day so that when Son of Man comes again will find faith (THE FAITH) in us. This persistent faith is the linking faith a divine requirement for the overcomers to meet Christ in His triumphant return. Amen