【LA Gospel – Speaking and Spreading through Visitation】

More than 400 people attended our May 2 gospel meeting entitled “A New Normal: Some Good News from God’s Word.” We know of at least 11 who received the Lord during the meeting and 33 who want further contact. Thank You, Lord! May we follow Paul’s example to care for these ones—“we were gentle in your midst, as a nursing mother would cherish her own children” (1 Thes. 2:7). May we also be like Ananias whom the Lord sent to visit Saul days after his salvation (Acts 9:10-12, 17).

If we preach the gospel on the Lord’s Day and a hundred people sign up and express their willingness to receive the Lord, we have to follow up with a second step. We have to arrange for saints to visit them immediately. Within a week, we have to arrange for a hundred to two hundred brothers and sisters to visit them. We must not just invite people to come to the gospel meetings; we must send brothers to make personal calls to these ones. We have to surround them and gain them at any cost. The more gospel meetings we have, the more visitation work we need. If visitation falls behind, our gospel will fail miserably. The failure of the gospel mainly lies in the lack of visitation. (CWWN, Vol. 61: Matured Leadings in the Lord’s Recovery (1), ch. 5)

May we pray for the spread of the gospel throughout LA, not only by big meetings. In these days of outward restriction, we can conveniently “visit” by phone, email, and video calls. Lord, motivate us and inspire us to speak the gospel by any means. Fill us with Your necessity for the gospel (1 Cor. 9:16). Lord, then bless LA with many new believers being nourished regularly with the milk of Your word.

Videos of the Saturday gospel meeting, as well as the following morning’s fellowship, can be enjoyed and shared at youtube.com/churchinlosangeles.