【Updating from Edmonton Canada】

Before this pandemic, the Lord slowly established the brothers meeting every Monday night.
As of now, we have a total of 75 saints regularly attending the meeting on Lord’s day. We have 4 small group meetings in English language and 1 in Chinese language. A few Korean speaking saints start to meet each week but not yet regular.

College students are mostly international students. As of now, we have 15 students including those taking the second-course program.

We have 10 junior and senior high school. These group of young people meets Saturday evening and Lord’s Day after the breaking of bread.

During this pandemic, all our meetings are online. There is an increase of saints attending the online meeting. Most of the time we reach 85-90.

After the Lords leading of having a one-month global prayer, many saints here responded and there was a great increase of saints participating in the prayer. We divide the saints into 4 groups for Tuesday prayer meeting.

All the saints are physically healthy and no one is infected with the recent COVID 19. But spiritually we are still seeking how we can help the saints entered into the enjoyment Christ for our growth in life as well for the increase in number through fruit-bearing.