【Testimony from the Church in Kurunegala, Srilanka】

We are pressed on every side but not constricted; unable to find a way out but not utterly without a way out; (2 Corinthians 4:8)
Due to the impact of the epidemic, recently our church can only have online meetings, Although we cannot go out, we can still enjoy the rich church life. At present, we have 96 -lesson Perfect training, prayer meeting and youth meeting, 8 young saints read the Bible online 45 minutes every day. we also have Bible-study meeting, the saints are very interested in reading the book of revelation. Every day we will enjoy one chapter. By reading the footnotes and life-study, the saints have great interest in the coming of the Lord and becoming overcomers to meet God’s need. During this period, the saints also invited new ones to participate, the number increased from 10 to 15. By such an opportunity, we can spend more time enjoying the Lord in His words.

We need to see chapters two and three in the book of Revelation. The Lord’s calling to the overcomers in these last days, we need to answer His calling and be ready to be his faithful and prudent stewards, to give the food timely, and to take care of the children of God. We also need to know that chapter 6 reveals to us seven seals are the mystery of God’s economy. The first four seals show us the picture of the four-horse race, we should receive the commission from the lord and be the diligent priest of the gospel of God .now we are also working on making gospel videos, through the burning of the Spirit in us, and the operation of God for us in His will, we have hearts to preach the Gospel and wait for His return.

from the church in Kurunegala, Srilanka