Museum of the Bible Recommends the Recovery Version of the Bible

It’s World Book Day! This Bible is The Holy Bible (Recovery Version).


【The Holy Bible (Recovery Version)】


Living Stream Ministry was founded in 1965 by Witness Lee (1905–1997), a Christian minister and Bible teacher who emigrated from China to the United States only a few years earlier. Lee had attended Christian missionary schools as a child and began his ministry at the age of 19. His understanding of Christianity was influenced by the Chinese minister Watchman Nee (1903–1972). This Bible was completed by Living Stream Ministry between 1974 and 1995. Named the “Recovery Version,” its translators sought to recover teachings that had become neglected by modern Christians by producing a new translation based on the original languages. It has now been translated into 18 languages.


Printed in 1995 by Living Stream Ministry, Anaheim, California; Donated in 2018 to Museum of the Bible, Washington, DC.[1]

Notes: [1] Living Stream Ministry donated this Bible directly to Museum of the Bible.