【The Lord’s Grace upon the Churches in Sweden under Lockdown】

The Lord’s Day morning meetings, prayer meetings and the weekly brothers’ meetings in Stockholm and Uppsala are now all conducted on skype. In Uppsala we have two skype groups on Lord’s Day morning meeting for HWMR prophecying for the first hour and then joined together for mutual sharing and enjoyment for the following half hour or so. Uppsala has one skype group for prayer meeting with the saints praying in a sequence. After an interruption of two weeks, we have restarted the joint Stockholm-Uppsala Wednesday life-study ministry meeting by conducting the meeting in 5 skype small groups. We are in the life study of Matthew now. The Uppsala sisters’ meetings on Saturday mornings are also continuing by skype, and they are very rich and enjoyable. Uppsala has four new ones who are being cared for by skype or by phone, and two of them are beginning to join some of the church meetings. In Stockholm, a few young sisters have started an online fellowship on Friday nights. Because Stockholm does not have a full lockdown, a few local saints are continuing the bible distribution in central Stockholm on the Lord’s Day that was started in February, and about 10 Bibles are given out every time. We have one elderly brother, 90 years old, who was tested positive of coronavirus, but his symptoms were mild and he has now recovered. We thank the Lord for His mercy and grace!