【Today the Flow Is Increasing Even More in Every Home — Nigeria / Benin】

Hallelujah brother, the situation in Nigeria and Benin Republic concerning the COVID-19. In Nigeria all the churches are going on with their meetings with the exception of Lagos and Abuja where the saints are meeting in their homes, in Lagos, some closer homes with walkable distance meet together on Lord’s days and others meet alone in their homes, while others use zoom, all is because of government restrictions and none of the saints have been infected with the virus, we thank the Lord. Onitsha also meets in groups less than 50 persons, Port Harcourt stopped for some time because of curfew but have started again because the curfew has been lifted, apart from these few hinges every other thing here is going well.

In the Benin Republic, Bohicon has group their meetings into 4 homes because of government order, in Coutonu and Calavi the university had been shut down by the government so they are not meeting so we encouraged them to begin to meet at homes like others or utilize the modern technology for the meeting. Brothers, my joy in the whole situation is that Satan is defeated, someone thought that through the Coronavirus he can stop the flow, but today the flow is increasing even more in every home, those who cannot prophesy on the Lord’s day meetings before can now prophesying up two times in their homes. Shame to Satan. Praise the Lord Jesus!