【Update from McKinney TX】

The online prayer meeting is practically double of the usual prayer meeting, 2/3 of the Lord’s day meeting. As for the Lord’s Day meeting, after transitioning from gathering to online district meetings (20th or so), the prophesying rates have risen much. Those who are normally silent in the meetings also started to speak. The saints in Plano are ordering face masks to be distributed when gospel preaching.

A brief history of Lord’s move in McKinney, Prosper, Frisco and Allen (MPFA)

2004 – Construction of the Plano new meeting hall for the purse of (fellowshipped with brother Benson)

1. To have English speaking meeting
2. For the increase and spread (mainly to the north, at the time of fellowship we know no one in the north)

Later a family in McKinney who had been meeting with the church in Irving for a few years found us.

2005 – Received Certificate of Occupancy of the Plano new meeting hall, English speaking meeting started

2006 – February, Brother B and his wife were recovered by the Lord, through the prayer of the saints in Tulsa and general prayer of the church in Plano for the increase, after more than 12 years outside of normal church life.

Fall, Home meeting for saints in McKinney and Allen and UTD students started in Fairview at Brother B’s home.

2008 – Fall, Brother B and his wife migrated to greater Tulsa, OK area for strengthening the testimony there. A brother opened his home and coordinate with another brother, who moved to Plano through fellowship in the Body, to care for the saints in MPFA area.

2009 – Collin County Community College (CCCC) Christian on Campus club formed, J’s family was gained through shepherding after more than 10 years outside of normal church life.

A brother opened his small house on Monday night to invite their children’s friends and gained several families. Started looking for potential meeting hall site.

2010 – 1 home meeting in Frisco, 2 home meetings in McKinney (Spanish and English)

2011 – MPFA prayer meeting and prophesy meeting started

2012 – District 5 formed, 4 home meetings in MPF area, quarterly district blending meeting reaches 90+ including YP and children. 3 families migrated from Plano to McKinney.

2013 – District 5 started meeting in La Quinta Inn in McKinney 50+ saints meeting on LD, 5 home meetings in MPFA area, signed contract to purchase a 4050 sqft property in McKinney, (looked 13 sites before finding this one)

2014 – New McKinney meeting hall completed and received Certificate of Occupancy on 6/6/2014.

October, there are 110 saints (18 yr and older) live in MPFA area and 72 out of 110 are active (attend LD meeting at least once a month).

In summary, it is solely Lord’s doing through the prayer of the church, migration and/or relocation of the saints, mutual shepherding and opening home to care for the YP. May all the glory be to Him.