【A Report of the Church in Helsinki, Finland】

In the middle of March, due to the progress of the new Coronavirus in Finland, infected cases climbing and climbing, the responsible brothers of the Church in Helsinki decided to temporarily suspend all of our face-to-face meetings, but our meetings continued via the internet Praise the Lord! Though the epidemic is outside, the Lord watches over us saints. Because everyone is at home longer, paradoxically we now have more fellowship and mutual prayer than before! We’ve learned to seek the Lord more, seeking the Lord’s desire of us!

Because of the fellowship with the saints from other localities and petitions, we’ve received over 500 face masks from within China, more than enough to meet the needs of the saints in Finland. We truly thank the Lord, not a single one of us saints of Finland caught the coronavirus, without fear due to being in Him, lacking nothing in the Body! Please continue to pray for the churches in Finland, and ask the Lord to allow more Finns to be able to lower themselves, repent and turn towards the Lord! Amen.