【The Life Flow Under the Pandemic—The Church Life of the Saints in Atlanta】

Early March, the outbreak in the USA exploded, the Chinese-speaking brothers and sisters all understood what’s in store, what happened in China two months ago is happening in the USA. All kinds of news, all kinds of anxious emotional outbursts are about to come flood new media.

God’s Word is Our Rich Supply

It just so happens, a river of water of life start to supply the brothers and sisters around the same time. We’ve practiced two years+ following Reading the Bible Once a Year daily group, there are more brothers and sisters joining, and even more brothers and sisters started to share the Lord’s word eagerly, Bible-reading and share became the saint’s desire. Praise the Lord! Since He gave us such a seeking heart, we naturally followed His leading. Thus, due to being more familiar with contemporary technology, the young brothers and sisters quickly picked up the burden to create Zoom’s Daily Bible Study Small Group, and pay their own subscription fees to build a platform for it, thru such coordination and building, the young working saints who normally did not read the Bible much, became the backbone and main forces of The Daily Bible Study Small Group, getting online on time every day. The young working brothers actively coordinated every chapter, eagerly shared and prayed, encouraging even more brothers and sisters to join. From that starts a daily half an hour of Bible-study, in two days, it increased to 40 minutes. Every time, the brothers and sisters all felt that there is much flow of the word of life, the light and revelation in the verses kept on strengthening. Thru this, the Lord perfected everyone who continued steadfastly, over twenty brothers and sisters can all testify, the Lord truly blessed us, His word has become our living flow of life during this time, in mutual shepherding and supply, that many brothers and sisters tasted the riches of the good land, enjoying the reading more and more. The young working brothers were all revived, reading the Life-Study ahead of time in preparation. The Lord is also more than happy to award more revelation to the saints who asks. Every sentence, everyone line of the Bible all became a shining and directing light during this time of plague, the Lord Jesus the living person became the saints’ daily peace and joy! For close to a month’s worth of Bible study, the brothers and sisters can all testify, that we’ve acquired a clear stream from reading the Bible, that killed all germs of anxiety, and strengthened the unity between the saints, becoming the wonderful testimony for this time.

Fighting Prayers in One Spirit with One Soul

Following the leading of the church, three times of special prayer and the twenty-one days of watchman’s prayer revived many saints. The twelve-morning revival small groups that we’ve started to practice at the beginning of the year, started to become the brothers and sisters’ prayer vital small groups. Every morning after the morning revival, there is 15 minutes of prayer for the outbreak, the more they pray the more prayer the brothers and sisters feel is needed, so they followed the leading of the Holy Spirit, at 12:30-13:00 at noon, and 8:40-9:10 in the evenings, became the increased corporate prayer times. The corporate prayers were elevated the moment they began, the saints we! The brothers were all one in spirit, one in soul, fighting for the Lord’s benefits, hope the Lord is pleased with the fragrance of the prayers. The three online prayer times had become what the saints look forward to every day, always hoping that the prayer time would arrive quickly, in prayer; there are corporate tears of confessing and repenting; there are consecrations for the gospel and the progress of the church life; there is the urgency for the growth in life experience and building; there is the hope of the preparation of the one New Man and the Bride. The prayer not only let the saints who love the Lord be made into an army, but many who had not been meeting, the saints who had been drifting between the church and the denominations were all attracted, took part in the daily prayer, gaining comfort and assurance. Such experience strengthened the brothers and sisters more, confirming that this path of prayer must continue steadfastly. For prayer is the life we ought to have. Unceasingly pray, match the accomplishment of God’s desire, praise the Lord!

The Special Training During the Outbreak

Due to many student brothers and sisters live in the brothers’ and sisters’ house, during quarantine time, everyone was worried for them, hope that they were taking sanitary measures, can make good use of their schedules. Among the students, they prayed together, consecrated to the Lord, active picked up the burden and hope that this time is good for studying the Lord’s word, that the brothers and sisters be attracted by the Lord, be built together in one accord. During this outbreak, every 9:30-1100 am is Bible study time. 15:00-17:30 in the afternoon is when Two Thousand Years of Church History, special training begins with commentary and sharing. Bible study from Acts to Romans, every day they read the footnotes, references, the Life-Study, Q&A, sharing, such study supplies life to every brother and sister, those who are young in life also got very good nourishment. For the Lord’s word captures all the saints, everyone is joyfully constituted by the Lord’s Word every day. Two Thousand Years of Church History combines human history, to see the line of the divine economy and the line of human history on earth, to see how the brothers and sisters before us took part in God’s move, how they’ve consecrated to the Lord. This deepened the knowledge and understanding of the saints towards cooperating with God’s will and God’s move, willingly throwing themselves into the flow of the Holy Spirit. The saints encourage each other, “Outbreak time just so happens to be special training time”, thank the Lord! That there is such a bunch of young people who are willing to be perfected by Him! Glory to God!