【21 Days of Prayer for the Lord’s Gospel of the Kingdom—Monterey Park CA】

Thank you, brother, for your attentiveness and perfecting, we’ve kept on following the leading of the brothers before us, particularly during this time as the pandemic continues to spread, to intensify us to pray even more fervently, entered into the blending coworkers’ burden of 21 days of prayer for the Lord’s gospel of the kingdom, hoping that this burden can continue steadfastly until the Lord’s return We are currently continuing the change in the framework of the church life as fellowshipped by Brother Yu, from big to small, from coming to going, from meeting to people, to build up four layers of relations with people. Through the Lord’s sovereignty in our environment, our saints have connected even more in prayer, bearing up His testimony, more saints functioned to preach the gospel, caring for people, shepherding people, perfecting others and being perfected, growing into our head Christ together. Originally, our Lord’s day attendance in October 2016 went from 250 to 300 people, every year increased to 380 in 2019. Now thru these four layers of relation-building, been using video-calls, WeChat or phone calls for prayer, mutually supply and mutually nourishing, the number has gone over 520. May the Lord further magnify our capacity, raise up more saints to be interested in people, have a burden towards the propagation of the Lord’s kingdom.