【The Church Life in Thailand during the COVID-19 Pandemic】

Dear saints in the Lord’s recovery,
“For too long our mind has been preoccupied by natural concepts, religious thoughts, and traditional teachings. In considering the matter of our spirit, we need to drop all this and see that our spirit is universally spacious. We know that God dwells in the third heaven, but He also dwells in our spirit. This makes our spirit today’s Jerusalem. Hallelujah for that wonderful entity in the universe called our spirit! The Spirit witnesses with our spirit (Rom. 8:16). The words “our spirit” include Paul’s spirit, Martin Luther’s spirit, John Wesley’s spirit, Brother Nee’s spirit, your spirit, and my spirit. How spacious our spirit is! The Bible reveals that God is the God of our spirit (Num. 16:22; Heb. 12:9). Where is God today? In our spirit. Where is God’s dwelling place today? In our spirit. Where is the one new man? Also in our spirit.” (Life-study of Ephesians, message 24)

Although the situation of COVID-19 in Thailand is serious, affecting the lives of all the brothers and sisters, but the Lord has been leading us step by step through prayer. We are much encouraged by various testimonies of the churches worldwide under the same situation. Although we cannot physically meet together, we keep dispensing the riches of the ministry to the saints. We took online approaches to conduct the video training on the Crystallization-study of Deuteronomy and the conference for the churches in the Southern part of Thailand. It turns out that more saints nationwide could attend the training and conference, not being limited by distance anymore. Approximately 500 saints attended the video training and 1,000 saints attended the Southern conference; both are unprecedented in Thailand. Now every Saturday afternoon, we put out a message on YouTube, re-speaking the crystallization-study series, for the saints who mostly are confined in their own residence.

According to the fellowship among the responsible brothers, we made a temporal adjustment concerning the Lord’s table meeting to meet the situation by encouraging the saints to partake of the physical symbols in their own residence. We also broadcast our Lord’s table meeting via YouTube premier weekly, available only at the meeting time, as the option that each house may take to uplift the singing and praying spirit. After the Lord’s table meeting, the saints will join the prophesying meeting in various LINE groups. Moreover, many saints are practicing a small group meeting daily to get into the ministry and fellowship together. We see that the number of saints who participate in the church life each week have been increasing, rather than dwindling. We are expecting more spiritual blessings upon His churches that the word of God may continue to grow among us.

We also try to reach those in Christianity and unbelievers who, by the present situation, become more open to the higher gospel. Even some of the backsliding ones, who have been absent from the church life for decades, are coming back. On our side, it is obvious that the contents posted on Rhema Thailand Facebook page would get more “reach’s,” when the saints pray for them.

May the Lord continue to motivate all the members for the increase of Christ in the midst of this apparently limited situation.

Much grace,
The saints in Thailand