【Prayer Request from India】

As India has entered a three-week lockdown that started at midnight on Wednesday, March 25th, many are currently facing serious challenges, such as buying essential groceries and medicines, while encouraging social distancing in order to avoid further spreading of the present pandemic. The lockdown is scheduled to continue till April 15th.

Presently, there are 187 churches, 4,500 saints in the Lord’s table on average and 7,300 saints in the church life. As many are facing this perhaps the first time ever in our lifetime, the saints in the churches are exploring technology and are now gradually getting acquainted in using online video/audio platforms to continue the practical church life.

We would like to request the churches to pray along the five points as outlined below:

1) Pray that the Lord will continue to preserve the saints’ tripartite being for the sake of His testimony and the continuation of HIs recovery in this nation.

2) Pray that the saints would not be panic but would seize the opportunity to love the Lord, to consecrate themselves to be more watchful at every time, beseeching the Lord, so that we may all stand before the Son of Man at His coming.

3) Pray that the saints would rise up to be more aggressive in practicing the God-ordained way by using all the latest technology to contact gospel friends, new ones, and the saints; the saints can continue to practice the vital group church life though currently being restricted in their homes.

4) Pray for the gentiles’ hearts would be softened through this situation, so that they can turn to the true and living God and be gained for the church life.

5.) Pray not only for one nation, but also for all the nations; not only do we ask the Lord to preserve the lives of all the people, but also to turn all people to Christ, to end the age, and to welcome the Lord’s return.

Luke 21:29, 36 “Stand erect and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near…But be watchful at every time, belching that you would prevail to escape all these things which are about to happen and stand before the Son of Man”

In Him,
Serving brothers