【The Gospel Is Their Living | Travel Digest—Leipzig, Germany】2/25 Leipzig

Today we came to the central plaza and the University of Leipzig to preach the gospel and pass out Bibles. This is a German New Testament Recovery Version Bible with footnotes, along with a little booklet on the truth, and short paragraphs of the gospel and contact information.

We were at the edge of the plaza, erected a German sign that reads—free Bible. When we see people coming over, we use our strengthened spirit to declare that sentence. When people respond, we would quiet down and nod, due to not understanding what they say. When they stop talking, would smile, hold up the free Bible with both hands to them. In the end, there really are people who took the Bible, but most of them shook their heads, politely saying, “No thanks.”

There is a male sophomore student from Ukraine, who was open and say that he has the habit of reading the Bible, and both of his parents are Christians. We invited him to attend the college meeting every Friday, and then successfully gave him a German Bible, and got his contact information!

Later we entered the cafeteria of the University of Leipzig, taking the chance to use mealtime to preach the gospel. Our team, with the two of us, looked for those who are sitting alone. The first sentence in making conversation is the hardest. Because we would keep on thinking: People would reject us, would be difficult towards us. In the end, the student that is at the same table with us engaged with us.

This male student says, “I know Taiwan!” I said, “Germany is very technologically advanced.” He said, “Taiwan is not bad either, especially on computers.” We told him about the scenery of Taiwan. During the conversation, eventually, we’ve finally gotten a chance to tell him that we are Christians, visiting the saints from Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, all the way to here. He emphasized that he still isn’t a believer but agrees that all of humanity must be under one true God, without ethnicity, culture or nationality to divide them. He politely said that he doesn’t need a Bible. But eagerly awaits the time when all of humanity would be one.

On the way back to the hotel, I thought, Mr. Morrison went to preach the gospel in China and passed away at the age of 52 in 1834. Though he did not gain many, just as he said at his deathbed, “in a hundred years, there will be ten thousand times of growth.” Today, the gospel in Germany ought to be a gospel of sowing the seed. Just like the thousands of German Bibles that have been handed out, all of them are a seed of mystery. When the time is right, they will sprout and bear fruit a hundredfold.

So far there are three stable families in Leipzig: Brother Yoxi Huang’s family, Brother Xing-Xi Wang, and Brother Evan’s family (Korean saint) and six children total! The families have 3 children, 2 children, and one child respectively. The Korean saint’s baby is only six months old. They also have Lord’s Day children’s service.

The young FTTT trainees once came to propagate for three weeks. Found that the University of Leipzig is friendly open and did their best to build up a few nourishing family meetings. They were able to contact local children, their young parents. Thus, German students, students from Taiwan, the local church life numbers approximately 20, but the Lord’s table has not been established yet.

One young working Korean sister said that she has not had a chance to attend the Lord’s table for so long. So having attended the first Lord’s table in Hamburg a few days ago, it felt very precious. Thru this, she tasted the sweetness of the Lord’s love again. Truly something we cannot appreciate in Taiwan.

Thru the churches in New Taipei City, Keelung, Yilan, Hualien, Taitung supporting the propagation in Leipzig, they were able to rent a place for propagation, with two rooms, one living room, one kitchen, suited for saints to emigrate seasonally! (ps: Europe’s visa, allows for three months stay each time). So far there are two sisters living there, making their own meals, contacting people every day. They said, living is gospel, the gospel is their living. If the Lord wills, they are willing to stay longer before returning to Taiwan.

The Korean couple, the wife is actually from Changhua. Both of them had attended full-time training in New Zealand, that’s how they met and got married. The brother had found work in Frankfurt, but the Lord wants him to remain in Leipzig. He said I do not have the right to pick for myself!

One sister Dai from Tainan to study in Leipzig since 2018 days, though there are not many people in the college conference in Germany, there is sweet fellowship! She says that since the full-time team came, the Lord added people to them! May the Lord rise up more homes, to inherit the Lord’s blessing.

May the Lord remember the testimony in Leipzig!