【Report from Surabaya, Indonesia】

For the group session, there are only certain groups that only can use cellular phones that have features that allow us to be together like Zoom. For those who can not only with their families, as well as for prayer meetings, only with their respective families, last week we could still Bread Breaking Meeting at home, the closest house where we live, a maximum of 12 people. For the next week, it is not possible, only at home without bread and wine, only praising God, praying, praising the Father, and praying for the activities/agenda of the church, the burden of the church and family for the sake of the family can be united and persevere in prayer so that the Coronavirus outbreak quickly passed, that’s a picture of the activities of the Surabaya church session, there was also a morning refreshment as a group through Zoom or by phone partner. (C. J.)

As far as I know, the Church in Surabaya is doing well. Meetings are held at home, especially Lord’s Table Meeting is also held per family because there is also a ban on gathering by the government. Starting on Sunday, there will be a news conference on Youtube in the morning and evening. In the afternoon there was also a video of Deuteronomy Crystallization. After watching streaming, there are sessions for sharing on the YouTube channel for those who watch or for fellowship in WA groups per District. The saints are still joyful. The Service Office in the Church remains open only in shortened hours. (D. P.)