Grasping the Opportunity to Revive People
Daniel 11:32b: But the people who know their God will show strength and take action. As the pandemic broke out, we also lost various ways of our church life. The Lord in Luke solemnly said to us: But be watchful at every time, beseeching that you would prevail to escape all these things which are about to happen and stand before the Son of Man.

I truly thank the Lord for His provision, giving us the best opportunity in one hundred years. Our prayers are more desperate. Those who always had excuses of not having time, such as work, helping their children for homework, and the young sisters who could not match the desires [or, did not have the heart], in this great opportunity, have become the specific [target of] our burden. We have vital companions who share the same burden, using Wechat to seek out people, nourish people, and comfort people. Thank the Lord for His timely leading; there is a great result [from our work], and [most of them] are willing to be shepherded.

I. We have set up Bible reading groups to quickly read over the New Testament, reading twenty chapters every day. We have a form to check-in for oversight. Every person is responsible to check-in. In less than two weeks we finished the New Testament. Now we are reading the Old Testament, and also pray-reading to recite the subjects of each book, which helps us to have an overview of the entire Bible.

II. We have set up groups with the young people from the nearby group meetings to have daily exercise together. Most of them do not have regular Lord’s Day meetings.

1.) Pray-reading. We pray-read one verse every day. We invite the responsible brothers of the young working saints’ meeting of our locality to join. We pray-read Matthew 13: the unveiling of the mystery of the kingdom. We have a form to check-in for oversight. Every day we go to the group to pray-read.

2.) On Lord’s Day, we first praise, and then send the prophesying script to the group chat, and then prophesy according to the script.

The sisters aggressively participate one by one. From the initial fifteen people, now we multiply to thirty-six. All the young working saints in the east district 10 are brought in, as well as three other districts and a sister from another locality. They will now go back to their district and lead the saints there to practice.

The Lord’s grace is sufficient for us. If we are desperate, the Lord will intensify seven-fold. Among the saints who practice in this way, some are teachers and doctors. They all said that through such practice, they feel that within their body there is something that motivates and moves [them]. Now they all went back to work. But as soon as they get off from work, the first thing that comes to their mind is to join the groups and have the exercise. This is the inward revival. It is glory to the Lord, the Lord’s will.

Who can resist the Lord’s power? As long as we pray in one accord, our church life will surely enter into a new way and producing a whole new situation. In our concept, system, and practice, we have the dispensational breakthrough. We are now recovered to the standard of the Lord to bring back the great revival before the Lord’s return! Hallelujah! Jesus is Lord, Christ is Victor!