【Testimony from Wuhan — Sweetness Out of Bitterness】

From a city to a province, from a province to the entire nation, from one nation to all the earth, the outbreak of the epidemic caught many off guard, science, and technology seemingly incapable of doing a thing about it. Flesh and blood relatives became so far away, all inner peace has been swallowed by terror. Once a holiday filled with cheer was filled with dead silence. Once splendorous metropolis chokes under a miasma of fear. This is a cruel war, a shapeless prison. This is a warning of the end; this is a reminder of the end times. Near the end of this crisis, we raise our pious hands, to pray and call on the Lord of the heavens, earth and all.

Last Lord’s Day, all the earth and Wuhan prayed in one accord for Wuhan.

This Lord’s Day, all the earth and Wuhan prayed in one accord for all the earth.

Thus, the virus receded greatly here, the terror lessened, the saints are overflowing with joy, the church shows signs of life. This is the sweetness among the bitter, this is the supply of the Body. This is the answer that Father God has for His children, this is the Head’s care for the members of His Body. Being at ground zero of this pandemic, we have no more anxieties. Because we are one with all the saints, we are churches in all localities standing shoulder to shoulder. Though we are in one locale, our hearts are connected universally. We might even thank this disease because it forced the union of the Body of Christ to be closer, it made the living of the universal one new man even more practical. We just want to tell the members all over the earth; it is only with your support, that we can stand; as long as we’re among you, we have nothing to fear.