About the churches in the East of England, UK


There are five churches in the region including Norwich, Cambridge, Luton, Ipswich, and Chelmsford. Ipswich was one of the first churches in the UK, beginning to meet in the 1970s, and Chelmsford is one of the most recent, beginning to meet in 2010. There are approximately 200 adults and children in the churches with about 100 meeting regularly.

Monthly Clustering of the Churches

Since September 2012 the churches in Norwich, Cambridge, Ipswich, and Chelmsford have had a monthly clustering on the second weekend of each month. Due to the practicality of distance, the church in Luton has joined the church in London with their clustering.

The general schedule of these weekends has included, on Saturday, a Bible distribution in the morning, a seminar in the afternoon (including a children’s meeting), and a student meeting in the evening. Some saints have taken hospitality overnight on Saturday. On the Lord’s day there has been a blending meeting with the Lord’s Table, prophesying meeting, and lunch together.

These weekends have been a very good opportunity to be involved in the gospel, shepherding and blending together. Each time we have had a seminar we have had 8-10 attend for the first time, whether from the distribution on the day or previous contact. These clustering’s are a great encouragement to us since we are now seeing seeking ones from the community, whom we were previously unable to reach, open their homes for meetings and join us in  group meetings of the church. It has also been encouraging to have student meetings in the evenings, since the students encourage each other to pursue the Lord. The greatest benefit to these times may be the increased fellowship and coordination among the churches and particularly the brothers.