3 Bible Study Groups in the University of Zambia

Praise the Lord for His blessings in the University of Zambia. Now we have three bible-study groups on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In the first and third group, we continued to read the gospel of john according to our preparation from the life-study, it has been 5 months until now. Thank God that they started to show their interests and appreciation toward this ministry and started to share according to our preaching in the groups. The Second group is the students’ own group; after 5 months joining them and sharing with them, they acknowledged our sharing and supplying very much. Most Zambians are proud of being a Christian nation, and they are very confident about their bible knowledge. However after some time, the students are attracted and touched by the truth and light in the bible, and began to open to us. We hope to find more bible-study groups in the campus, to share the truth with them, may Lord open the way for us and bring His sheep out of the religion to His recovery flock by flock!

The students are having holiday and will come back on 12th, Jan, 2014, yet God is still moving in their hearts.

After door-knocking in the community, we have been reading bible with two seeking believers, one is a maid and the other a security guard, and continue to visit some of the contacts. The local family is very important for the Lord’s move, so we are still praying and seeking to find more families.

We are encouraging the saints in Linda to prophecy the New Believers on the Lord’s Day, after the prophesying, we will use “the completing ministry of Paul” as our enjoying material. The youths are very unstable, the youth meeting stopped now.

Thank God for the Body of Christ. Recently we received 7 New Testament Recovery Bibles. Most of them are from one Zambian brother who came back for holiday recently and is studying in Seattle and have the church life there. We have distributed 2 bibles now.

Here is the prayer items for zambia:

1.Pray for the bible-study groups and gospel preaching in the University of Zambia;

2.Pray for the gaining of the local families and our visiting of the local families in the communities.

please pray for His move in zambia!

Much Grace,


There are about 10 local saints here in Lusaka, and they are in the village. We want to live near by the University of Zambia, to get the young people. Bro. John has the same feeling.

In Zambia about 70% are Christians. They need the truth. People are open to the Lord. The students here are very open to the gospel.

May the Lord bless His move in Zambia. Amen.

In Him,