New Testament Recovery Version distribution in French-speaking countries

Bible distribution was carried out in front of the Sorbonne and Nanterre Universities. The distribution was under the Lord’s blessing. The Lord brought some seeking ones, and some of these are now being contacted. Also, a number of new ones are being added to the church in Paris. Please pray:

  • That the Lord will gain more French students from the Sorbonne and Nanterre
  • That all the new ones will grow normally in the divine life and be added to the church for the building up of the Body
  • That the FTTL trainees from France will be perfected by the Lord to serve in His work in France
The free distribution of the French New Testament Recovery Version in the French speaking countries of Europe.
12-19 September in Paris; 20-23 September in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland; 29  September — 7 October in Paris; and sometime in November in Brussels.
Please pray for the one accord among all the saints, the serving ones, and the FTTL trainees, which will bring in the Lord’s commanded blessing. More on

Over 1,300 French Recovery Version New Testaments were given out in Paris during 12-18 September, with over 900 indicating they wanted further contact. Of these 900, the saints felt that 115 were especially eager for more contact. The first Recovery Version readers’ seminar held in Paris on September 30.

There was also some distribution in Lausanne and Geneva over the past weekend. The distribution continued on 29 September through 7 October in Paris and some time in November in Brussels.

  • Pray that the Lord will bring many sons of peace to this seminar.
  • Pray also for the follow-up of so many who have requested contact.
  • May the Lord find His seekers also in Switzerland.
  • May the Lord send the seven-fold intensified Spirit before the saints to prepare those who are ready to receive the gospel of kingdom.