Pray for the translation of recovery bible in Bangladesh 孟加拉国

Greetings from Bangladesh !

VIA 主在亞洲的行動  八月 2013

Update from brothers in Bangladesh (July, 2013):

Praise the Lord for His sufficient grace.

During last month, we really experience the Lord a lot. We will share in three aspects concerning our practice within last month.
1. Learning Language: During last month, after we can dispense the <Mystery of Human of life> in local language, our Lord gave us much “rain” on the land we are laboring. This month we focus on <Calling on the Name of the Lord>. But now because the most hot weather caused we two families both become sickness, we can just recite half part of this portion.
2.Contact People: On the one hand we’re continuing to contact students in the university nearby our house, beside this, in brothers’ house, sisters’ house, and among the serving brothers, some of the saints receive the burden to bring their friends, relatives and classmates into the proper church life. So within this month, totally there are four people baptized. And now we are continuing to contact five students every week in the capital university-Dhaka University, and our target is to rise up a RSG in Dhaka University. And one local serving one begin from this week, will bring college students for us to share the truth to them. Every time may be 15-20 students will come.
3.Study the Truth: Praise the Lord for the unique revelation of the great “Me” revealed by the apostle Paul’s completing ministry. We enjoyed the 2013 Memorial Day Conference so much. Also personally we finished reading the whole 12 messages of <the Completing Ministry of Paul>. Also this time after fellowship with all the serving ones in Dhaka, we will push the burden to read the Bible one time during two years. It will begin in August this year. We thank the Lord, even before this, by being together with brothers, some brothers already went through about 30 messages of the Life-Study of Genesis. May the truth become the solid foundation of His church in Bangladesh.
May the Lord attracts His saint in this country through His precious Word.