Fellowship of New property for ASU campus work

Praise The Lord, bro Abraham Ho, David Dong and me , we just come back from Phoenix,
This morning we fly to Phoenix, bro Minyi Hsu, Antipas Chen, to pick us up from airport,
Then we proceed to that property with realtors , also bro Ken Casebolt of Phoenix,
Having good fellowship,also voice message for bro Mel Porter, we fully believe , this is what Lord
Provision for gaining and perfecting so many college students from the near future,
Bro Abraham Ho has a feasible suggestions for them, Bro David Dong also provides their experiences in Arcadia new meeting hall. Phoenix brothers got greatly encouraged.
Saturday , leading brothers will have further fellowship, they describe this time, “Run to and fro, like the appearance of a lightening bolt”-Ezekiel 1:14.
As for its details, see the attached photos and video clips as below.

Bro ken Casebolt in Phoenix sharing on leading brothers’ fully support

Bro Abraham Ho on his observations on how to work it out.- very feasible

Photo from the rear, in this side , one acre lot. It might build up 9 houses

Brochure of Phoenix property just one mile from ASU campus