Gospel Forum at UC Davis – “The Remarkable Gospel”

We joined local serving ones for prayer and coordination, and immediately headed to the UC Davis campus to invite students for our English-speaking gospel forum and dinner on the same evening. After handing out dozens of fliers, we coordinated with the local students hosting the event on behalf of Davis Students for the Truth, which is the name of our campus organization registered at UC Davis.

The Forum began with questions and responses by several brothers in the panel comprised of brothers from Roseville, San Francisco, Sacramento, Pasadena, Pleasant Hill, and Berkeley – hallelujah for the Lord’s blending us together! Topics covered included the existence of God, the person of and work of Christ, and the need for salvation. Unlike last Forum at UC Davis, participants and serving saints then formed circles to have further questions and fellowship while enjoying dinner together. After dinner, brother G.K shared “The Remarkable Gospel” that talks about the Bible being a remarkable book, the earth being a remarkable planet, man being a remarkable creature, and Jesus Christ being a remarkable man as Savior, Lord, Head, and universal Administrator. The speaking ended in a remarkable moment in 2 Cor. 6:2, “Behold, now is the well-acceptable time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” Brother Hugh P led everyone to pray to receive the Lord as our Savior. Two students, H and F, stepped further to receive the calling for baptism. Several brothers were standing with them and making sure that they were crystal clear what had happened after calling on the Lord’s name and the significance of baptism. With the confirmation from brothers, H and F were baptized into the Triune God and one Body at Davis meeting hall. Praise the Lord! Christ is Victor!

After experiencing baptism, the burying of the old man and the resurrecting of new man, H and F were excitedly greeting one another and hugging brothers. They also gladly accepted brothers’ invitation to share their fresh experience of Christ in the Gospel Forum in Sacramento today. Hallelujah!