Concerning the flooding in Mexico -the worst weather in 50 years

We are having a disaster in Mexico and it may worsen in the coming weeks. This has been the worst weather Mexico has seen in 50 years. We were hit from both sides and it has been projected that there will be more rain for another three to four weeks because of other systems that are developing around Mexico. Please read the following:
(CNN) — Mexico grappled Monday with a deadly double-punch of tropical weather. Heavy rains caused by Hurricane Ingrid on the country’s Gulf Coast and Tropical Storm Manuel on the Pacific Coast have left at least 34 dead and more than one million homeless.
(AFP/Yahoo) At least 57 people have died in Mexico since major storms hit opposite coasts this week, the first double onslaught in 50 years, unleashing floods and mudslides that still affect much of the country. New threats emerged as the US National Hurricane Center warned that a tropical cyclone could form on the east coast while Manuel, which had dissipated after making landfall on Sunday, regenerated into a tropical storm south of Baja California.
Some of the saints are affected; therefore, we are sending eight coworkers in teams of two to visit the churches affected along both coasts, such as Acapulco, Chilpancingo, Tixtla, Zihuatanejo, Amuco, Ajuchitlan, Tampico, Mante, Cuidad Victoria, Pizanmorado, Veracruz, Mazatlan, etc. They will bring water and food to take care of some immediate needs.
We have a burden to suspend some of our present work to take care of the suffering saints and their neighbors by bringing water, food, clothing, medicine, and other necessities as well as helping them to clean up and restore their lives. We are taking as a pattern the assistance rendered by the Body of Christ during the aftermath of the earthquakes in Tokyo and Taichung. Because the damage is widespread, we may be able to help where we have saints. No doubt, the gospel will be preached and literature will be given out as we assist the people. We pray that the light of the gospel will shine into these people sitting in darkness through the God-man living of the helping saints.
You can view the storm photos to get an idea of the damage by Googling images of “flooding in Mexico.”
This is our initial report to let you know what is happening here, believing that many of you are concerned. We will follow up with a more detailed letter of the storm damage and our plans in 7 to 10 days. Pray for us.
Paul Hon for the coworkers in Mexico