2013 Summer Internship – Christian students on Campus

Summer Internship Promo | Christian Students


This summer Christian Students on Campus has been busy serving at all 6 of UT’s freshmen orientations. Since it’s summer and most of our students are out of town or working (and we know how valuable summers are to college students), everything that we do really depends on our student interns.

This year we were overwhelmed by the response of our students who wanted to volunteer their time. We had our largest intern group ever at 31 students! This allowed us to have one of our most productive summers yet in welcoming incoming freshmen, helping them transition into college life, and introducing them to Jesus Christ. We personally met and interacted with over 1,200 freshmen and started Bible reading schedules with 220 freshmen. And while we’re not numbers oriented, this shows how large a blessing and benefit that our collective service can render to others.