Gospel move in Kota Samarahan 馬來西亞哥汉的福音行動

A Brief Report of Bumiputera Gospel Move in Kota Samarahan

感谢主!哥汉召会借着全召会同心合意的祷告,在土著福音的事上负担被加强。在6月4日(星期二),正是砂大先修班报到日,哥汉召会的大专生们一同的配搭前往砂大的旧校园展开土著的福音行动,而接触的对象乃着重于土著的族群。 Thank the Lord! The church in Kota Samarahan (KS) is burdened for the Bumiputera’s gospel move (BGM) through praying in one accord. In 4th June (Tuesday) which is also the registration day for foundation course. The campus student studying in KS coordinate together towards old campus of UNIMAS for the propagation of BGM, the person of contact are focused on the Bumiputera(s). 早上7点正,大专生们在用过简单的早餐后,便一同再一次有争战的祷告。大约7点45分,大伙儿就进到校园里开始接触人。接触人主要的范围是在新生报到处及宿舍,因为那里的人潮最多。在接触人的过程中,真是个大的挑战,因为我们必须用马来语来进行谈话,这真是要否认我们的己,否则就不能接触到任何人。 At 7:00am sharp, the campus students had a simple breakfast and have prayer of warfare together. Around 7:45am, the whole group of people entered into the campus and started contacting people. The major area covered is the registration section and in the hostel, it is because there is where the crowd is. It was a great challenge in the process of contacting people, because we have to use Bahasa Malaysia to have conversation, this requires us to deny the self or else, we would not have contacted anyone. 在福音行动刚开始的一个小时,大约是8点到9点期间,大专生们大致上还在寻找土著朋友的对象,加上当时人潮还未汹涌,所以大家都还在担心接触不到人。虽然外面在接触人,但相信大家当时与主有很多的祷告。上午10点左右,大专生们多数都到宿舍去接触人,只有少数的大专生还留在报到处留意观察。 During the first hour, around 8am to 9am.The campus students are still seeking for gospel contacts, everyone was worried that we would not be able to contact anyone because there were not many people around. Everyone was having lots of prayer within while contacting people outwardly. At around ten in the morning, most of the campus students were already contacting people at the hostel, only few remain to observe and take care of the registration area. 这次的福音行动与以往的福音行动有一些不同之处。因着砂大先修班是在哥汉省,所以主要的报读的学生是本地的古晋人。所以当他们报到时,多数是跟家人一起前来报到,而不是单独的一个人。在这种情况下,虽然新生们有家人的帮助,可是大专生还是抓住机会来帮助新生,如:提行李、介绍校园、给予方向指示及收拾房间。这真是使这些的新生和他们的家人惊讶!因为有一班的基督徒来接触他们,并邀请他们来参加召会的聚集。他们多数已是主里基督徒,所以当他们遇到我们时也非常向我们敞开。 Comparing with previous gospel moves, there are some minor differences in this occasion. Since the foundation course is in KS, a lot of the registrees are the Kuching locals. Therefore when they come for registration, many come with their family and are not alone. Although the new students have their family to help, but the campus students also grasp the opportunity to help them, for example: carry their luggage, introducing the campus to them, give them directions and clean their rooms. It is truly a surprise to the new students and their family! It is a surprise for they did not expect to have a group of Christians who are willing to help them and invite them to join the church meetings. Since most of them are Christians, they are very open and happy to meet us too. 直至中午12时,大专生一共接触了12位男生,及22位女生,总共接触了34位新生。用完午饭后,还有一些大专生还入续去接触一些的新生。除此之外,我们还邀请他们参加我们当天下午4点半的聚集,目的是让他们享受主的话。当天下午共来了4位的男生新生,及32位的女生新生,总共来了36位新生!哈里路亚!我们一起进入约翰福音的生命读经,说到主耶稣行的第一个神迹,乃是以变死亡为生命原则。聚会的灵十分高昂,大家十分的享受。会后师母们也预备了丰盛的晚餐让我们享用。大约6点左右,我们就把新生们送进校园里。 Until noon, the campus students contacted a total of 34 students with 12 males and 22 females. After having lunch, some campus students continue to contact the new students. Other than that, we also invited them to join us for a meeting at 4:30pm. It is with a sole purpose that they may come to the enjoyment of the Lord’s word. There were four males and 32 females who joint us with a total of 36 new students! Hallelujah! We pursued the Life Study of the Gospel of John together; speaking about the first sign that the Lord Jesus performed that is concerning life’s principle, to change death into life. The spirit of the meeting is wonderful, everyone enjoyed the meeting. After the meeting, the sisters also prepared a sumptuous dinner for us to enjoy. We sent the new students back to the campus at around 6pm. 赞美主,愿主继续加强祂在哥汉的土著福音工作,兴起有负担的土著家庭前来扶持,并且加强周间的喂养工作,使他们能被坚固下来。最让人鼓舞的是一位土著的姐妹 – KIMBERLY,在6月22日晚上受浸归入主的名了。愿主里的弟兄姐妹多多为着哥汉土著的福音行动有祷告。阿门。 Praise the Lord, may the Lord continue to strengthen His gospel move for the Bumiputera in Kota Samarahan, raising up Bumiputera families that are burdened to support and strengthen the feeding work in the weekdays that they may be established. Lastly, the most encouraging news is that a Bumiputera sister was baptized into the Lord on 22 June, named Kimberly. May brothers and sisters in the Lord would continue to pray with us for the Lord’s move among the Bumiputera in KS. Amen.