Because of their burden for increase, four saints meeting in Dallas, Pennsylvania, recently took out two ads in a local newspaper. The first ad informed people about the new two-book set from Bibles for America and let them know how to order the books online. The second ad read, “Friends of Watchman Nee want to meet with you and share thoughts.”

A group of six believers responded to the second ad, calling it an answer to their prayer. The saints have met with these three couples several times, and some from the group have attended the Lord’s table. The brothers and sisters contacted another believer who also responded to the ad and who touched the church in the ‘70s. Additionally, the saints plan to begin following up with people in the area who have ordered the two-book set.

Please pray that the Lord would supply the saints with grace and wisdom in how to care for each person they contact. May the Lord gain many enjoyers of the ministry in this locality!

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