2013 Spring University Conference at Wales

From 22 to 25 March, 240 saints were gathered together in Cfen Lea, Wales for the Spring University Conference. This included 140 university students, of which 52 were there for the first time. This conference covered the third stage of Christ’s full ministry, the stage of intensification, focusing on the seven Spirits in our experience as the lamps of fire and the eyes, operating for the completion of God’s building.

This year the continent of Europe was well represented with students from Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Macedonia, Holland and Switzerland. There were 13 baptisms which were carried out with strong prayer from many students. The study group times, which are mostly carried out by the students, were the highlight for many students.

The content and speaking were high and fresh, presenting what students in Europe need in this age for the Lord’s move. During the conference and the special fellowship, which included testimonies and Q&A, the revelation of the church was opened as God’s heart’s desire together with its building up in the local churches. The next two University conferences will continue in the stage of intensification, covering the producing of the overcomers, and finally the consummation, the New Jerusalem.


2013 Spring University Conference

Cefn Lea Park, Wales

SUBJECT: The Full Ministry of Christ – The Stage of His Intensification (1)

DATES: 22nd March – 25th March, 2013


Cefn Lea Park



Dyfed, SY16 4AJ,