The Raising up of the Golden Lampstand in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

For many years there had been a few saints in Kurunegala, but since there was no church there, the saints would attend the Lord’s Table meeting of and receive nourishment from the church in Kandy, spending three hours on public transportation each time. Beginning from last year the churches in Sri Lanka began to have the burden to labor and raise up a golden lampstand in this city. Since October 4, 2012, the saints from the various local churches went in groups to the city of Kurunegala for a one-month intensified propagation there. A full-time serving couple also moved to Kurunegala to strengthen the three families there as well as to preach the gospel in coordination with the saints. Praise the Lord! Through the saints’ labor in one accord, a young working couple was baptized on October 30.

via The Raising up of the Golden Lampstand in Kurunegala .

Praise the Lord for the 7th Golden Lampstand in Sri lanka.
From church in Krurunegala was established in November 4th till now there are 8 new baptism. There are  4 and half families.
There are 14 saints attend Lord’s table meeting.
Now saints are having morning revival of “New believer” first volume in Sinhala.
There is a local sister help to translate in Lord’s day meeting.
May the Lord Strengthen His Church here.

Registration of the Church in Colombo and the Renting of the Meeting Hall

The serving brothers have been considering the registration of the Church in Colombo as a corporation with the government and discussed related matters with a law firm. There is still the need to gather and present all the necessary documents before continuing the registration process through the lawyers. Current lease for the meeting hall of the church in Colombo will expire this April. We will renew the lease and are considering purchasing a meeting hall.

Prayer Items:

  1. For the Lord to raise up saints who will shepherd the new ones into a habit of enjoying the Lord through daily morning revival.
  2. For the Lord to release the saints to participate in the corporate prayer meetings for the Lord’s move here.
  3. For the Lord to raise up saints who will coordinate in the carrying out of the God-ordained way for the gaining of young people on the campuses in Colombo.
  4. For the Lord to hasten the literature work and the translation of the Recovery Version of the Bible into Sinhalese.
  5. For a smooth process of the registration of the church in Colombo and for the needs related to the purchase of a meeting hall to be met.