Most recent update from the brothers in Parkistan

Praise the Lord !  there were 14 brothers and sisters  have been baptised on last Saturday and sunday .
>> last Monday  we visited a new believer(a brother) and had a home meeting in his house  ,this brother invited his neighbours and his relatives come to his house ,they are very open to Lord’s words. we shared “the need of your whole family to be saved’,after the meeting they stood up  one by one to have a declaration that “as for me and my house we will serve Jehovah”,everyone was filled with joy.and on Friday we also went to his house have a home meeting ,he invited his friends come to the meeting ,we shared” clearance of the old living”,they said they want have a new beginning ,someone want to be baptist in Sunday.
>> on last Saturday
>> one new believer who is a Muslim our friend( we contacted him in a park) ,he also is a University student .last Friday we invited him to come to our house and had lunch together ,after that we  read the Bible together and shared something ,he was touched by God’ word ,he asked us “have you all been baptised?” we said yes ,he said ” why only me left ” so we baptised him with  heavenly joy.