Fall College Conference at Engedi -Final attendance was 473 checked in with 310 being students

Praise God for the last meeting of the Fall College Conference in the Divine Stream!

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Praise and glory to the Lord for all that He did during this first college conference on The Divine Stream! The numbers were near the highest we have ever had since we split the Fall conference into 2 weekends. Final attendance was 473 checked in with 310 being students. On Friday night there were nearly 400 in attendance and for the remainder of the meetings, attendance was at or around 465. The speaking was very rich and anointed, the speaking brothers were one, and the four messages seemed to flow together effortlessly. The students responded very well to the sharing and 15 were baptized to drink!
I personally really enjoyed the prayer and coordination with all of the saints serving. My sense was that the flow was flowing from the throne. Registration and all the various services were without incident and the students really had a peaceful atmosphere to take in the divine stream. The only issues were with the long food lines in a very crowded gym and some of the crowded cabins at Engedi. Although the high number of attendees made everything more complicated, the Lord kept everyone so simple and easy to coordinate with!
If all the brothers who were present could add some encouraging reports and/or improvements for the next conference by replying to this email, that would be very good.