Nordic Conference and 1st Lord’s Table in Uppsala, Sweden

We warmly extend an invitation to the saints from all the churches to participate in the weekend conference and the first Lord’s Table in Uppsala, Sweden on August 17-19, 2012. We thank the Lord for the prayers of so many saints on the earth, and now we welcome you to blend with us and participate in the taking of the ground in the city of Uppsala. The detailed information such as schedule, conference venue, accommodation and meal is presented below. You may register online (see below). Please also note that a deposit for accommodation is required, and the due date is June 15, 2012. Details can be found under the Registration and Deposit section below.

Nordic Conference and First Lord’s Table in Uppsala
Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala is located about 70 km (40 mi) north of Stockholm and is home to Uppsala University, the oldest university in the Nordic countries, with a student population of about 40,000.

  • Please pray for a strong release of the Lord’s word, the gaining of many university students, and the raising up of a bright testimony in Uppsala.