Young People’s Conference in Sao Roque, Brazil 巴西聖羅克青少年特會

Posted by: RBSA Area of the World: South America

From July 21-25 we will be holding a young people’s conference in Sao Roque, SP. There will be two concurrent conferences one for the 11-14 year old and another one for the 15-25 year old. All together we are expecting 450 participants. Some will be from the United Sates, Central America, the Caribbean, and the Spanish speaking countries in South America. The subject of the conference is “The Second Coming of Christ”.

Please pray that the Lord supply all the serving ones with His all sufficient grace and that this weekend would give each young person a vision to live by and a fervent yearning for the Lord’s coming. May the Lord gain this generation; the future of His recovery.

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Johnny Roger Lo‘s photo.